Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The brave work of our Police officers

A little while ago I received an invitation from Sussex Police’s West Sussex Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Martin Walker, to present the awards at the Sussex Police West Sussex Divisional Awards Ceremony.

Naturally I was delighted to accept - the County Council has a strong working relationship with Sussex Police and especially the West Sussex Division. We work closely on many issues and in particular child protection, which is a high priority for both of us.

The afternoon was to honour officers, staff, and members of the public who have acted above and beyond the call of duty to bring peace and justice to communities in West Sussex in a range of ways, including compassion, bravery, perseverance, duty and initiative.

Listening to the citations read out was simply inspiring. It reminded me that our policemen and women go out on duty every day in the knowledge that they could confront anything from the extreme end such as murder, sex offenders, or having guns or knives pulled at them, to burglaries, domestic violence, potential suicides, or to saving a life.

It’s all part of a working day in the line of duty, to keep peace and protect all our communities.

My thanks to all those serving and in particular those receiving awards for all they do in West Sussex.

To find out more about the awards, visit the Sussex Police website. 

Best wishes,

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