Monday, 4 March 2013

Committing to improve the A27

Some of you may have picked up that the County Council has redoubled its efforts to find a solution to improve the whole of the A27. On Friday we held a summit meeting – those present included the Head of Strategic Roads Division at the Department for Transport, the Highways Agency, Nick Herbert MP, and Leaders and senior Members and Officers from the District and Borough Councils.

It was a thought provoking meeting with good contributions and challenges.
There are a couple of really big issues to consider. Firstly, funding. Secondly, the land available, as this is tightly restricted between the sea and the South Downs with considerable demand from agricultural, housing and business premises as well as environmental considerations.

So creative thinking is an absolute must and that is where we are starting from, together with a real determination and commitment to work together.

More work is planned including looking at how this it is financed, and that work starts now.

We meet back in May and I will blog updates as we progress.

Best wishes,

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1 comment:

  1. The Department for Transport, and the Highways Agency will welcome your 'voluntary' contribution to improving a road that they themselves are responsible for. There are many many miles of road in West Sussex that would benefit from spending rather than on the A27, albeit I fully appreciate the need. Government must recognise the need and our local MPs should step up their lobbying