Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Getting down to business post-elections

I've not written a blog for the last few weeks, having been in purdah in the run-up to the election. Now, with the election over, it's good to be able to start blogging again.

Thursday 2 May was election day for West Sussex County Council. This was the first time since 1993 that it was solely County Council elections, as usually they are in conjunction with either General or European elections. This meant a lower turn out than usual, despite the lovely weather.

The results were certainly interesting. The Conservatives in West Sussex bucked the national trend and maintained a strong majority. UKIP emerged with ten elected Councillors, all new to the County Council, and became the second largest party at County Hall.

The next step is for all elected Councillors to sign their declaration, which will take place this week. For new Councillors there is a steep learning curve in order to understand their roles and responsibilities, and becoming familiar with procedures and how the County Council works.

Over the last year an all-party task group has been busy compiling the induction programme which is there to help new Councillors. It has been designed for Councillors by Councillors, and I hope that all new Members find it helpful in assisting them in their new role.

The first seminar for new Members is this week and there is Full Council next Tuesday 14 May, where Committee Membership and other formalities are confirmed.

So a busy and exciting time ahead. The role of the County Councillor is very interesting and fulfilling - working with the community is probably one of the most important and rewarding jobs around. So I wish new Councillors well in their new role, they will certainly have a busy time ahead.

Best wishes,

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