Thursday, 1 May 2014

A27 action campaign

Earlier this week I was listening to BBC Radio Sussex. The lead traffic item on the news was delays on the A27 out of Chichester and a bottleneck at Arundel, this is an all too regular announcement.

On the TV Steph, the business correspondent on BBC Breakfast, was reporting from Montezuma in Chichester about the growth of small businesses and their contribution to the national economy.

Both of these stories are so timely given the conversations I’ve been having in recent months about the shortcomings of the A27 and the potential limitations that it places on possible business expansion across the county.

Many of you will have first-hand experience of the traffic hold ups on the A27.

Being stuck in traffic is too regular an experience for commuters. The concept of “rush” hour on that road is a misnomer, it is always busy and getting busier as the economy is improving.

To avoid the possible hold ups, particularly at peak times, many drivers are taking alternative routes, which means some of our villages, which are really not suitable for heavy traffic, are suffering and the air quality is poor, they are rightly saying enough is enough.

So, we’ve joined forces with local MPs and local businesses and we’re lobbying Government hard for improvements to the A27 from Chichester right through to Worthing and Lancing.

We know residents rely on it and, these days, people’s time is too precious to be stuck in traffic for too long. It’s not good for the environment or for people’s health and it’s certainly not good for the health of the West Sussex economy.

We need a reliable, free flowing, efficient dual carriage way along the coast to allow local companies to go about their business quickly and with the minimum of fuss. If we want to build up and nurture our economy in the county we need to ensure that businesses can get their staff, products and vehicles where they need to be when they need to be there.

The A27 is on a list of six roads across the country being considered by the Government for improvement, and over the last 6 months we have had meeting with the Department of Transport and BIS to make the case for improvements on the A27, but we do now need to work extra, extra hard to get the A27 to the top of that list.

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  1. Bad idea. This is not about creating a sustainable transport infrastructure. More roads simply create more traffic.