Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A feast for the senses

A little while ago I was introduced to Chris Allwood, who had previously started and ran the very successful Emsworth Food Festival.

He had a plan to hold an Artisan Food Festival in Chichester which he wanted to explain. Having attended Emsworth Food Festival in the past, I was really interested to learn about Chris’s plans for Chichester.

The idea for a community event that promoted greater understanding of food and gave food producers and purveyors the opportunity to showcase themselves was very much in line with the County Council’s policy around helping and supporting the economy, communities, and wellbeing. We liked what we heard and we supported the event through our Kick-Start Fund.

So last Saturday it was a real pleasure to visit the Taste Food Festival in Oaklands Park in Chichester. It was a community event so there was no entrance fee. Visitors were able to amble around learning about and tasting yummy food, listening to music and enjoying the day. There were lots of for children as well with plenty of activities to keep them amused, including a Bake Off.

No pun intended here but it really did have all the right ingredients to make a really successful event! It promoted the incredible variety and quality of food that’s available right here on our doorstep in this area and, personally, I do hope that it runs again next year. My thanks to Chris Allwood and his Taste Artisan Food Festival team for making this lovely event happen.

Best wishes,

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