Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bosham's new sea wall - a great example of what can be achieved by working together

Bosham is a very pretty harbourside village with a long and interesting history where many people visit regularly and enjoy exploring the area and walking along the trippet and sea wall.
A few years ago the sea wall was becoming very tired and the design meant that seaweed gathered round the gabions making it difficult to clear - and sometimes quite smelly .
It was a few dedicated residents, with the support of the Bosham Association, who looked at the issue and designed a possible solution. They worked with the County Council, Environment Agency, The Bosham Association and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy to develop and cost a plan to rebuild the wall making it an attractive feature for the community at large.
There were a few challenges along the way, firstly finding the funding for the scheme. West Sussex County Council was able to help with funding from the Kickstart programme, the Environment Agency also helped out  as well as donations from various sources, all of which took time.
To rebuild the wall was time critical due to the tides, but this summer there was slot available and construction got underway and it was interesting to see the construction through its various phases.
Last week I joined the residents to celebrate the completion of the wall – but I think it was really a celebration of community spirit in the broadest sense - the commitment of residents who know how to solve a local problem then work together with other bodies and agencies to deliver a successful outcome for so many to appreciate and enjoy.  
The wall is an attractive feature and I think the commitment from everyone including the construction company that built the wall shines through.
So another example of what can be achieved by working with the community and helping the residents to help themselves.
Louise Goldsmith.
Leader West Sussex County Council
Chichester West Division.

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