Monday, 1 December 2014

A27 funding - a great early Christmas present for West Sussex

I have to admit that I am over the moon after learning this morning that the Government has recognised the need for major improvements in the A27 with £350 million investment for West Sussex.

For 30 years there have been calls for investment in the A27 with various schemes produced over that time.   The last one when I became a County Councillor came to nothing.

But a couple of years ago, when we learnt that the Government would be looking at road improvement schemes across the country, we started making the case for the A27 then, even better, we learnt that the A27 was included and the DFT (Department for Transport) would be undertaking studies.

But after so many false dawns we couldn’t leave it there. So the MPs, District and Borough Leaders from the West Sussex coastal area started working together and we formed the A27 Action Group. We knew the voice of the businesses was absolutely crucial to support the economic case and we were delighted when Martin Fausset from Ricardos in Shoreham joined our small campaign team.

The support we have received from small and large businesses has  just been terrific and there has been so much goodwill.

So our campaign has been co-ordinated so those decision makers in Whitehall could be in no doubt that we were all supportive of the ambition to dual the whole of the A27 in West Sussex from East to West – and this announcement brings that ambition a whole lot closer to reality.

Of course the Department of Transport will be conducting consultations and there is some way to go but, and excuse the pun, we really are on the road! That said we will continue to work for the dualling of the A27 right up until the minute the work starts, but in the meantime this is the very best early Christmas Present for West Sussex!

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us in so many ways, it has been just brilliant.


Louise Goldsmith.
Leader West Sussex County Council
Chichester West Division.

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