Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Showcasing local food and produce

Like so many people I was out about enjoying our beautiful county over the Easter period and on Saturday morning I visited the Great Little Farmers’ Market in Goring Road, Worthing.

This Farmers’ Market was the idea of a couple of individuals from the local business community who were looking to attract more people to shop and support the retailers in Goring Road.

Supported by the local County Councillor, Paul High, and the Borough Council and with some funding from the West Sussex County Local Committee Grants the idea came to fruition and Great Little Farmers’ Market Goring Road was successfully launched in March this year with lots of support from the community. It meets on the first Saturday of the month and already seems to be very popular if the appreciative comments I overheard from people who were out and about are anything to go by!

The location works well with the wide pavements providing space for people to browse and shop at the stalls while still leaving enough space for pushchairs and disability scooters so it was a well spotted opportunity.

To me this is a fine example of the community identifying a need and an opportunity and working with the Borough and County Councils to make the idea a reality – very much along the lines of ‘helping people to help themselves’.

I am a big fan of Farmers’ Markets as they are such a good way to showcase local food and produce and we have around 20 across West Sussex doing exactly that. For many small artisan food producers it is the best way of building their business and often establishing a regular clientele which is so important when starting out in business.

Many of the local shops in the Goring Road area were also benefiting from extra customers by offering special deals to people shopping at the Farmers’ Market. Another example of what is being done by local businesses to attract shoppers and another reason why we should do all we can to support them.

West Sussex produces some terrific food and has strong agricultural and horticultural businesses which are all very much part of our cultural heritage. So across the food sector there is so much to celebrate and enjoy in West Sussex.

If you love all things local you’ll enjoy reading our Taste West Sussex Magazine. The next edition will be out in Mid-May.

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