Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Here’s to four more years

It has been a while since I last blogged. During that time there has been the County Council elections and like all Councillors I have been out and about in my division meeting, talking and listening to the views of the residents. For me this is really important as what you are talking about out in the community helps shape and inform our current and future policies and what we do.

Many of you voted last Thursday and the results were counted and announced on Friday. The elections are always a big day for all candidates whatever the political colour. Four years ago saw the emergence of UKIP who won 10 divisions, this time they lost all the divisions.

The Conservatives made considerable gains and at the end of the day won in 56 divisions, it is the largest majority certainly since 30 years ago or maybe longer. Lib Dems have 9 Councillors and Labour 5.

On Tuesday 16 May we have the first full Council, where the Chairman, Leader, Committee Chairmen and membership are all agreed, it is the formal start of the new administration for the next four years. There have been 28 new councillors elected, 25 for the Conservatives. It is a steep but interesting learning curve for those new to the County Council with lots of training and introductions for them. In the meantime County Council work continues across the county where we provide more than 80% of public services locally 24/7.

So a new term for the County Council delivering services, supporting our communities. Over the next four years there will, I am sure, be some challenges ahead. However the focus is serving the residents, working with our communities, helping to give children the best start of life, supporting our not so young, frail and vulnerable, building a strong economy and looking after our environment making West Sussex Cleaner and Greener. And of course we are there for you in times of emergency.

I think we face an exciting four years ahead of us and certainly many challenges that we will rise to meet as a council. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best wishes,

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