Friday, 22 September 2017

Working together as one

My role as Leader is nothing but varied. Last week I attended the West Sussex Scouts Annual General Meeting. There was a great turn out which reflects the fact that the Scouting movement in West Sussex is very strong – in fact for the last 40 years it has continued to grow in membership. The Scouting movement has changed with the times and is no longer exclusively for young men with girls and boys both included from all backgrounds.

It was so inspiring to listen at the event about how Scouting has helped so many youngsters. The contributions of the two youth commissioners were wonderful; particularly the comment that they ‘work together as one’. That phrase really struck a chord with me as it is exactly what we at West Sussex County Council aspire to do with the many partners we work with including the West Sussex Scouts.

Five years ago West Sussex County Council forged a working partnership with the Scouts through our Think Family programme. Our Think Family programme works with families who need a helping hand, when life for a variety of reasons becomes a bit chaotic. The focus is on the family and as you can imagine the child as well.

Working with the Scouting movement has given youngsters the opportunity to get involved when perhaps they would not necessarily do so. However those children have really benefitted and the partnership continues. It is another example of how West Sussex works in partnership to do the best for our residents – in this case for our youngsters who need a helping hand.

At the AGM I was asked to give a vote of thanks which I was very happy to do so I could thank them for this pioneering work and also acknowledge and thank all the volunteers across the county who ensure through Scouting our youngsters have the opportunity to develop and grow.

On the subject of volunteers, I wonder if you know about the West Sussex Volunteer Scheme? We have a group of volunteers who will help with local community projects such as clearing vegetation and tidying up an area. They do not work alone but work side by side with the local community on their project.

Currently there is a community lead environment project in Bosham where our volunteers have been helping and I popped out to see them. Working with our community on locally lead projects delivers so much for the local community and just goes to show that working together as one so much can be achieved – so my thanks to those volunteers.

If you have a community project underway please let me know; I would love to hear about it.

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