Tuesday, 17 October 2017

It all starts with a plan

There are some who may just wonder why West Sussex County Council has produced a plan and who will bother to take any notice of it yet alone read it.

Our West Sussex Plan sets out what we will do between now and 2022 and I am very proud of it. It has taken a lot of thought and rewrites to get it where it is but most importantly it is a clear statement of the Council’s intentions over the next five years; how we plan to support, help, care for our residents, some of whom are very vulnerable indeed. The plan looks at how to empower our communities, to build strong self-reliant communities that believe in themselves and support each other.

Each month for 10 months of the year our residents pay their Council Tax so to me it is important that we have a clear statement on what we plan to do with this money; tax payers money.

Money is so much tighter than when I  first came onto the County Council although we thought it was tough then! Although money is an issue, it is not what drives me. It is how we serve and support our communities – some who needs us much more than others, but for everyone in West Sussex we will be there in an emergency. We have changed and adapted and in doing so we are now doing some ground-breaking work particularly with our services for children and adults, focusing on early help.

We know we have terrific communities who we have worked with successfully now and in the past, and we need to build on that good work.

We know residents are worried about the air that they breathe – hence our commitment in improving air quality. We have invested in producing solar energy from our two solar farms and there are more to come providing clean green energy in West Sussex. We are investing in partnerships working with local partners and of course Government to make sure they support us through match funding to make things happen.

In my blog last week I wrote again about the importance of partnership and here I go again – nearly all our plans will be done in partnership.

This Friday the West Sussex Plan goes to full Council for approval.

Much work has gone into the plan but I am more than aware to make it really make a difference so much more work has to be done and there will be more challenges. For me it is all about our amazing county the lovely towns and villages and all those that live in them, the wonderful communities in all shapes and sizes working together for a better West Sussex. When you have a plan – well things can happen…

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