Thursday, 10 May 2018

What matters to you is what matters to us

It has been a year since the County Council elections and the year has flown by. One of the areas we have really focused on is preparing our West Sussex Plan.

This plan is the blueprint for how spend tax payers money and clearly sets out our ambitions and what we want to achieve.

It is by really concentrating on the outcomes we want to achieve for West Sussex that we can make sure we deliver for residents by providing innovative and effective services within the budget constraints we all work in.

So in February we set our budget for this year but we immediately start work on the next one and that’s where you come in.

To help us with our deliberations every two years we ask you for your thoughts through our survey ‘What Matters to You?’ This survey is there for you to tell us what you think of our plans and priorities and how we should shape them going forward. No area of local government, or the public sector in general, is immune from budget constraints and the shrinking in funding we are seeing from central government. As such we have some difficult decisions to make about we support all our residents going forward.

The results of the survey are always illuminating and are central to the budget discussions and planning for the coming years.

In the last survey we had a good response and I have to admit there were some surprises – for the first time you told us you were concerned about being safe in your communities. This helped us shape the work we do in our communities.

You can find the survey on line here or on paper copies available throughout the county including at our libraries.

Once again we will be holding a session where you can Ask the Leader’. This takes place on Tuesday 22 May at 2pm and is your chance to grill me!

You can ask anything about why we have set the priorities we have or what our plans are for the future.

The Council Tax does take a chunk out of your pocket so I am really conscious that we need to hear your views on how you want your money spent.

West Sussex is your county, we are here to make sure we protect and support it in the best way we can so make sure you have your say on What Matters to You.

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